Ghost Town

January 29th, 2018

Ghost TownGhost Town is a dark and horror-themed online first person shooter where you will have to face ghosts, undead creatures and monsters that look like mutant zombies with your guns.

Your mission is quite simple: survive in this hell hole. There’s nowhere to run so you better gear up and fight for your life. Use all the available weapons to destroy all the abominations that lurk in this place and want to eat you alive.

Also, challenge yourself more by unlocking all the achievements and having your name in the leaderboard!

Welcome to Ghost Town, where the only living thing is you.


  • Q-S-D-Z, Arrow Keys or WASD: Movement
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • Right Mouse Button: Aims
  • 1 to 9: Select weapons
  • SHIFT: Runs
  • E: Uses Item
  • P: Pauses
  • Space Bar: Jumps
  • L: Locks/unlocks mouse

P.S.: If you FPS for browsers, you should also try Slenderman History: WWII Faceless Horror. It’s a damn good game with Nazis, zombies and the Slenderman.

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