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Gaiares (ガイアレス) is a space shooter released in 1990 by Telenet Japan for Sega. Play this flash version online here, for free!

The story is the following: In the year 3000 the Earth has become a uninhabitable, polluted wasteland. You are a young pilot from Earth who is chosen to be the pilot of a new fighter ship the space pirates Gulfer, which, led by the evil Queen ZZ Badnusty, they want to harvest the pollution to create weapons of mass destruction. If you succeed, the terrans will gain a new world to migrate to from the United Star Cluster of Leezaluth, otherwise, they will force our Sun to go Nova, inevitably destroying our planet.


  • Start/Pause: Enter
  • Change speed: X
  • Shoot: C
  • Special: V
  • Up: ↑
  • Down: ↓
  • Left: ←
  • Right: →

Added In: August 31st, 2011

Categories: Classics, Recommended, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: EasyRetro

Played: 31 times.

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