Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer

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Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer is the second chapter of the mysteries of Forgotten Hill.

You ran off the horrors of the dreadful house of Forgotten Hill and are finally back to your car, just to find out that your girlfriend is not there anymore! Following the few clues she left, you find yourself inside a terrible and grotesque Puppet Theatre.

Take this new challenging adventure in Forgotten Hill, solve intriguing puzzles, look for the clues hidden around the theatre and investigate the mystery to escape.

Can you survive and escape the Puppeteer?

PS. Alternatively, you can download and install Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer in your Android device, if you prefer or if this Flash game doesn’t work for you.

Added In: October 24th, 2017

Categories: Adventure, Puzzlers

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Developer/Publisher: FM-Studio

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