Flash Doom 2D

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Demons and zombies are invading the Earth again and Doomguy is the one to take care of the problem once more, in this cool two dimensional take on the classic FPS game.

Many years have passed since the gate to Hell stood open beneath martian soil. In the end, it was a single marine who managed to send the demons back to where they came from and sealed the gate…

However, the humans, driven by their curiosity, didn’t stop their research on teleportation technology. In their fatuity, they combined the knowledge about the martian gate with their own findings about teleportation, resulting in a new threat. They opened another portal – on Earth…

As a member of the UAC security guard, you were called upon the research facility. On your way you lost contact to the scientists who were requesting help.

Prepare for the unknown


  • A, ←: Left
  • D, →: Right
  • W, ↑: Jump
  • M: Music
  • 1 to 7: Weapons
  • Ctrl or Mouse: Shoot
  • Spacebar: Action
  • O: Autoswitch weapons

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Added In: June 21st, 2015

Categories: Platform, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: knarrenheinz

Played: 52 times.

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