Escape From Helltowers

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Escape the evil research facility Helltowers with your life. You will have to release prisoners while facing zombies, guards and robots.


  • Always shoot repeatedly and fast (especially with the Zappers).
  • When you dodge, you can double tap the up key and it will always work.
  • Save up HV ammo for the 2 lower levels (purple and dark areas).
  • Don’t waste EX ammo on Zappers (you’ll likely miss and waste the few EX ammo there is).
  • When shooting Zappers, wait till they get to their highest point and hit them twice.
  • Use HV ammo on Zappers if you have any (you’ll destroy them in 2 hits).
  • If you can’t beat a Zapper coming after you, walk out of the screen (if you can) and come back.
  • EX ammo is useful if you’re being attacked from both sides and you want to quickly dispose of one or both enemies.

  • ←, →: Walk
  • ↑: Dodge
  • CTRL: Shoot
  • Shift: Switch ammo
  • Enter: Use elevator

Added In: November 26th, 2015

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