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“In 2008, the largest particle accelerator ever created, the LHC at CERN’s particle physics lab in Switzerland, was activated for the first time. The research obtained from this experiment has revolutionized the way we think about science. Un-answered questions that have puzzled man since the dawn of humanity are finally being answered. Are there extra dimensions? What is dark matter? Is time travel possible? Epsilon Experimental Sciences Research Facility aims to discover the potential of this whole new world of science, and you have been appointed as the primary test participant.”

The challenges are based around solving tasks using various fictional technologies discovered as a result of the LHC experiment, primarily wormhole manipulation. Other methods include gravity shift, time reversal, and general cognitive dexterity.


  • Mouse to drag wormholes around the edges of the room
  • Spacebar: Release the orb/freeze the orb after it is released
  • X: Reverse time
  • R: Restart level
  • C: Go to config menu

Added In: April 26th, 2012

Categories: Puzzles

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Developer/Publisher: EON

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