Dungeon Screener

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Dungeon Screener is a touch-friendly, hack ‘n slash, dungeon crawler with extremely fast battles, 52 collectible cards, a competitive high-score system and random generated content every time a new game is started!

It also features nice retro pixel art graphics, a lot of fantastic medieval creatures to fight, including the undead, like the good ol’ zombies and many others.

Lead a Knight, Ranger, Cleric and Wizard into the depths of a tough and crowded randomly-generated network of dark caves, deep chasms and dangerous dungeons. Descend into the Underground to find and engage the Dungeon Lord in the most brutal boss fight!

But beware! There are no potions in this RPG, however there is plenty of beer to drink at the tavern! Well, thats even better anyway…



  • Use the mouse and keyboard hotkeys to navigate and select.
  • The complete control list can be viewed in the Settings menu or learnt in the game’s tutorial.

Added In: June 17th, 2016

Categories: Role Playing Games

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Developer/Publisher: Foumart

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