Devrim Racing

January 23rd, 2018

Devrim RacingDevrim Racing is an online urban racing game with two modes to play it with, Career and Free Ride, and races that can host different six types of competition: Circuit, Sprint, Drift, Lap Knockout, Elimination and Speed Trap.

In Devrim Racing, you will have ten different cars to chose, each featuring their unique characteristics, like visuals, acceleration, brakes, handling, and weights. Their designs, performances, and sounds are based on real vehicles. Of course, you will notice that the Devrim car might be favored in terms of performance.

Also, the game features upgrades that can be made to enhance the visuals and performance of your car and nice 3D graphics.


  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Drive
  • Space Bar: Brakes
  • P: Pauses game

P.S.: If you liked this game, you should better play Super Drift 3 instead.

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