Deadly Racer

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Deadly Racer is a top-down rally racing game developed by InSide Team and published in 1994 by Flair Software, for MS-DOS. Here, you can play it directly in your browser.

You will chose one of the best rally cars, like Toyota Cerica (real Celica) and Mancia Delta (real Lancia), to try your driving skills in one of the four types of track. These have many obstacles to avoid and you have to win the races with taking the less damage as possible.

The game is built over the same engine as Rally Championships, also from InSide Team, but it doesn’t feature management like this one.


  • ← and →: Steer left and right
  • ↓ and ↑: Gear down and up
  • Spacebar: Accelerates the car
  • ESC: Quits
  • CTRL-F11: Deaccelerates game
  • CTRL-F12: Accelerates game

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