Dead Roadkill Highway

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Dead Roadkill Highway is an action packed zombie apocalypse driving game where you will race on a decadent highway through a never ending Siberian wasteland to survive. Your hometown was overrun by the undead and you had to get the hell out of there.

The principle of the game is simple: avoid other cars and obstacles in your path and get as far as you can. The highway is full of leaping stupid dangerous zombies squads. If any monster jumps on your vehicle, you will get into trouble and maybe die.

At the beginning, you have small amount of money, an old truck and a small gun to protect you. You can also use a powerful nitro that will give you an extra acceleration boost and get you more gold. Use the money to buy better cars, power-ups, upgrade, armor, customization, and turn your vehicle in the ultimate weapon of mass zombie destruction.

Use your arsenal to eliminate the zombies that want to eat your brain as fast as possible, because, if they jump in your car, they will muddle with your driving and you can suffer a horrible death!


  • A and D: Steer
  • Mouse: Aims and shoots
  • ESC: Menu

Alternatively, you can download and install Dead Roadkill Highway in your Android mobile device. It’s free, but the link is protected and will ask you to solve some captchas so they can pay us in order to help us continue our activities. Thank you.

Added In: October 3rd, 2017

Categories: Action, Racing

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Developer/Publisher: PacoGames

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