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D.E.A.D. is a zombie game that features a lot of guns, relaxed controls, the undead and upgrades, where you will run through a dark place, avoiding and shooting the walkers down for as long as you can.

Are you afraid of the darkness? It is quite common since our brains perception is often manipulated by implications what would or could happen in a dark environment. Well, imagine a situation that you barely see few centimetres in front of you and add weird sounds. Then, like it wasn’t enough add some stinky zombies. That’s D.E.A.D.

Run as fast as you can, avoid any contact with zombies, and hope that you will somehow survive. Use various perks like armor vest or head start to boost your runs, and try to get as far as possible before you get killed.

The further you run, the more money you get. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock more weapons and use them to try to survive even further.

Have fun!


  • A and D or ← and →: Move left and right
  • Left Mouse Button: Attacks (if you have a weapon and its ammo)
  • ESC: Pauses/Menu

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Added In: September 20th, 2017

Categories: Action

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Developer/Publisher: PacoGames

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