CS Zombies Battle

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If the game isn't showing up, try zooming the browser in [CTRL] + [+] and then press [CTRL] + [-]. More info here.
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Because of an accident, the staff of a biochemical laboratory have become zombies. You are in charge of the blockade of the laboratory in order to prevent the zombies come out from it and infect the population.

Head shots mean more damage and higher scores. After the battle, you can buy medicine bag, all kinds of ammo and more powerful guns. The game will become more and more difficult as the amount and type of zombies will increase!

Use different types of weapons to shoot incoming hordes of zombies and stay alive as long as you can.


  • Mouse: Aims and Shoots
  • R: Reloads
  • 1 to 3: Select weapons

Added In: January 10th, 2015

Categories: Shooting

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