Classic Frogger

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This is a faithful classic Frogger remake in Flash. This version has very similar graphics and sound effects to the arcade version, originally released in 1981, by Konami.

You have to move the frogs from the bottom to the top of the screen in 60 seconds or less, while avoiding the hazards along the way. In the first half, Frogger has to avoid a bi-directional flow of traffic, which included cars, buses and the faster moving race cars.

In the second half of the game, you have to pass through a fast flowing river, by hopping onto logs and the backs of turtles before jumping into the home base situated at the very top of the screen.

At various times throughout the game a lady frog would appear. Bonus point are earned if you could jump on the back of the lady frog, and guide her home. Other bonuses were flies that appear randomly in the home bases themselves. So the objective would be to steer Frogger into the base were the fly was situated.

As the game progresses other hazards will show up. Animals such as crocodiles, otters and snakes. Although Frogger can jump on their backs, (except the snake) the trick is to avoid their open mouths at all costs.


  • Mouse: Click start
  • Arrow Keys: Move

Added In: October 13th, 2011

Categories: Arcade, Classics


Developer/Publisher: Konami

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