City Car Stunt 2

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City Car Stunt 2 is a cool and challenging multiplayer 3D racing game that brings a brand new modern city and futuristic super sport cars, which can be customized, awaiting for you to burn rubber and make stunts with.

This HTML5 game can be played by two friends in the same computer or single player, where you’ll try to complete six different tracks before you run out of time. It also features a Free Driving mode where you can perform freestyle shows like in the previous game.

Controls (Single Player)

  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Steer
  • N: Nitro
  • B: Flips camera view
  • R: Resets level

Controls (Player 1)

  • Arrow Keys: Steer
  • N: Nitro
  • B: Flips camera view

Controls (Player 2)

  • WASD: Steer
  • T: Nitro
  • C: Flips camera view

Added In: January 16th, 2020

Categories: Racing, Recommended

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Developer/Publisher: RHM Interactive

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