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“In a city corrupted by crime, Mr. Jack runs an obscure ‘delivery’ business. His drivers risk their lives daily, racing through the streets where danger can be found in every corner. Despite the hostilities, everything goes well for Mr. Jack and his goons, until a well-known villain kills their best driver, in one devastating blow. Now they called in the cavalry…”

Carnage is a free, top-down, story-driven, action-packed racing game where the player will race through 12 different stages, in 4 days and complete crazy missions in three different modes.

You can upgrade your car and weapons, destroy ice-cream trucks, pick up donuts, make an omelet and unravel the plans of your nemesis.


  • ↓ or S: Reverse
  • X or K: Fire rear weapon
  • Z or J: Handbrake
  • ↑ or W: Throttle
  • → or D: Turn right
  • C or L: Fire front weapon
  • ← or A: Turn left

Added In: May 31st, 2012

Categories: Action, Racing

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Developer/Publisher: WeirdBeard

Played: 15 times.

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