C-Virus Game: Outbreak

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In C-Virus Game: Outbreak, a dark and spooky online first person shooter for browsers, a new virus from China, the C-Virus, hit the Earth. Now more than 90% of the population is infected and turned into zombies.

You are an ex-marine with PTSD. Make your way to escape from this creepy place, which looks like a hospital from the horror movies, you woke up in and stay alive!


  • WASD: Move
  • Mouse: Aims, looks around and attacks
  • Right Mouse Button: Alternative aim mode;
  • F: Interacts with objects
  • Left Shift: Runs
  • Left Ctrl: Crouches
  • Space Bar: Jumps
  • ESC: Releases mouse

Added In: April 8th, 2020

Categories: Action, Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: DanyGames

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