Brutal Pico Race

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Brutal Pico Race is a fast and raw futurist racing retro Pico-8 game where you’ll pick one of the three ship classes, choose a track and try to finish first! You can play it alone, against three AI levels or challenge a friend in the split-screen mode!

This game also features some nice controls and a setting that reminded me the F-Zero classic.


Brutal Pico Race can be played in a keyboard or a gamepad.


  • Use the arrow keys to choose your ship, track and AI level.
  • Press Z, C or N to start.
  • When the 2 player mode is selected, the second player can choose his own ship directly with S or F.
  • After race, use and to choose other ships.


  • ← and →: Steer
  • Z, C and D: Accelerates
  • V, X and M: Brakes
  • ↑: Boost

Race (Player 2)

  • S and F: Steer
  • TAB or Z: Accelerates
  • Q: Brakes
  • E: Boost

Tricks and tips

  • Be careful while using nitro (boost) before entering a turn. It is not always a good idea.
  • Health affect how often boost can be activated.
  • You can gain some speed by riding on the half pipe in the turns.
  • Collision affect health and speed, and you can’t repair your ship in race, so be careful.
  • Try not to touch other ship to maximize your speed.

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