Bitejacker: Secret Base Horror Series 01

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Bitejacker is a zombie shooter based on the indie game review show, Bytejacker. Player can play as the host, Anthony Carboni, or cameraman, Jon Rivera as they brave through a bizarre world of zombie apocalypse.

Players can pick up new weapons, and upgrade abilities, and even meet some strangely familiar faces along the way…


  • Travel upwards to safety, fending off waves of zombies while searching for ammos, cash and new weapons.
  • There will be survivors to rescue, which some will fight with you, others provide cash rewards, or help to search for more items.
  • As you repeat your moves, you can upgrade your skills, or even release more monsters variety as you satisfy certain conditions.
  • Release enough monsters, and a boss will be release into the game.
  • You can only advance after defeating the boss, or be trap in an endless loop.
  • Player must defeat all 3 bosses to complete the game.


  • E: Action
  • Spacebar: Special
  • Mouse: Fires
  • M: Mute
  • R: Reload
  • P or Esc: Pause
  • WASD or Arrow Keys: Movement

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Developer/Publisher: secretbase

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