Aztec Adventure

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Aztec Adventure is a very cool and challenging platform puzzler where father and daughter are inside an Aztec pyramid looking for treasures and need to overcome difficulties and escape from every level.

You went to Inca remains, succeeded to take out the treasure from a mysterious pyramid. An interesting object which is inside of the treasure draw your attention. They realized that this object is about Aztecs. This object is a key and it seems that another adventure will begin. They start off to Aztec pyramids by taking along mysterious key.


  • WASD: Move and jump (Player 1)
  • G: Grenades (Player 1)
  • S: Hides from enemy (Player 1)
  • Arrow Keys: Move and jump (Player 2)
  • L: Grenades (Player 2)
  • ↓: Hides from enemy (Player 2)
  • L: Grenades
  • ↓ + Grenades: Place grenade down
  • ↓ Near Block: Grab block (Player 1)
  • ↓ While Grabbing Block: Put the block down (Player 1)
  • M: Hide UI panel
  • Press left or right when jumping onto a wall to slide it.
  • Press while sliding onto a wall to double jump (Player 2)
  • This is a cooperative game, but, if you have the patience, you can play it alone, controlling both chars at the same time strategically.

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Added In: April 19th, 2020

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Developer/Publisher: RHM Interactive

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