Attack of the Fever Heads

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The Sealab has been infected with the Green Fever and now numerous fever head zombies are wandering all over the place. You’ve to drive a cart through the laboratory and run them down, smashing the undead with your pipes.

This game is a bit unusual. Its style is like The Venture Brothers meets Star Trek. It starts kinda easy at the beginning but then it get more challenging.

Good luck!

Controls and Instructions

  • ↑ and ↓: Change lanes
  • Spacebar: Bashes the Fever head closest to you with your awesome pipes
  • Hit Fever Heads with your cart all you want, but doing so will slow you down.
  • If you slow down too much, you will get infected.
  • Avoid hitting any obstacles along the way and pick up the power-ups that you find.
  • Try to make combo hits to score bonus points.

Added In: July 30th, 2016

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