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Arachnia is a one room survival game about the fear of spiders… in the dark.


  • Keep the spiders off the girl by clicking to kill the spiders.
  • INCREASING DIFFICULTY: Game difficulty gradually increases, responsive to your skill level.
  • FLASHLIGHT runs out, until you’re left in the dark.
  • Pick up BATTERIES to keep your light juiced.
  • ANTIDOTE (health packs) replenish your health bar when you’ve been bitten.
  • FLARES light up the entire screen for a limited time so you can see all the spiders and item drops.
  • BUG SPRAY repels and kills spiders from the three block square surrounding your character for a limited time.
  • GRENADES instantly kill all spiders in a three block square around the grenade when clicked.
  • ESC key quits from gameplay without saving score.
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Developer/Publisher: Deadly Pear Games

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