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SuperKarts is kart racing game developed by Manic Media and published by Virgin in 1995, for PCs (MS-DOS). What we have here is this version but set to be played on your browser, without installation etc.

It has similar graphics and gameplay to other kart racing games, like the classic Mario Kart or its PC clone Skunny Kart, but the playability is a bit more harder to master.

The player plays as several characters from different countries and races on circuits from those characters’ home countries.


  • Kevin Moore (United States)
  • Charlie Smith (UK)
  • Klaus Krugel (Germany)
  • Aki Sun (Japan)
  • Katie Clark (Australia)
  • Luis Sanchez (Brazil, even though brazilians usually don’t have mexican names)
  • Mustapha Gee (India)
  • Ivan Zoomski (Russia)


  • A: Accelerates
  • ,: Turns left
  • .: Turns right
  • Spacebar: Use item

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