Storm the House 3

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If the game isn't showing up, try zooming the browser in [CTRL] + [+] and then press [CTRL] + [-]. More info here.
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Storm the House 3 is another shooting defense game in flash. Addictive, well worked, dynamic and with increasing difficulty!

Here, you have a house and have to defend it from invaders, ranging from a few guys with little swords up giant robots that shoot missiles.

During the campaign (it features several game modes, like the Zoombocalipse one) you can equip and upgrade defenses, recruit people, buying better weapons, among other things!


  • Mouse: Aim and shoot
  • Spacebar: Reloads
  • Z: Switch primary and secondary weapons

Added In: December 21st, 2011

Categories: Shooting

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Developer/Publisher: Ivory

Played: 37 times.

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