Hobo Vs Zombies

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Hobo learnt Kung Fu and is now after a gang of zombies, which are plaguing the cities! Our heroic vagrant is the only one who can guard the city against those decaying invaders.

Let’s see how our dear and disgusting bum will combat the stinky enemies, with his new powerful fighting skills!


  • WASD: move
  • DD or AA: runs
  • J: attacks/picks itens
  • K: tongue attack
  • J+K: special
  • AA/DD+J: shockwave
  • AA/DD+K: root up
  • J+K: spits
  • J+J+K: nose blow (learn more skills within the game)

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Added In: September 11th, 2012

Categories: Fighting

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Developer/Publisher: SeethingSwarm

Played: 40 times.

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