Dragon Ball Z Tribute

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Commonly known as Dragon Ball Z Retro Fighter, this is a retro, unofficial Dragon Ball Z fighting game.

Get ready to fight through the 23rd Tenkaishi Budokai, with all the characters of the Dragon Ball Z saga, including Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, Cell, and more!

This fighting game has pretty decent controls and gameplay! You can charge up, teleport, shoot chi balls, do those super fast close up fighting scenes, fly, and much more!

And the graphics, in retro style, makes it feel like one of those old arcade, 8 bit NES or Game Boy fighting games and the characters all look amazing in this style!

You can play the story mode, tournament, or fight against a friend!


  • Arrow Keys to move
  • X to attack
  • C for special
  • Running and C for teleporting
  • Hold C and then press X to shoot power balls
  • Repeatedly press X near an enemy to go into melee combat mode
  • Find the rest of the moves on your own, there are plenty.

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Developer/Publisher: WeePax

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