Ace Lightning

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Ace Lightning is a 2D side-scrolling platform game based upon the television show of the same name. This is the Game Boy Advance version, released in 25 October 2002, set to be played online, in your browser.

The plot involves the superhero Ace Lightning venturing into the nightmarish amusement park called the Carnival of Doom to defeat his nemesis, Lord Fear, and obtain the shattered pieces of the Amulet of Zoar. This magical amulet is hidden in this scary place, full of exaggeratedly imposing tents, rides and sideshows, with distorted geometry and disturbing lighting effects.

You must guide Ace Lightning around the eerie halls of the Carnival through its four zones: Adventure, Horror, Illusion and Fun. In each of the game’s zones, you’ll need to use Ace’s skills to negotiate a series of different platform-based levels, such as the Hall of Mirrors, Ghost Train and Adventure Alley. He will also have to use his weapons to defeat a variety of henchmen, from crazy clowns to ghost town zombies. There are also Lord Fear’s gang of zone bosses, Lady Illusion, Pigface, Googler and Dirty Rat.

Once all the parts of the Amulet have been recovered from around the Carnival, there will be a final showdown between Ace Lightning and Lord Fear in the Haunted House…


  • Arrow Keys: Dpad
  • J or X: A button
  • Y or Z: B button
  • 1 and 2: L and R buttons
  • ENTER: Start button
  • SHIFT: Select button

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